What’s in Your Feed?

I would like to introduce Sonja Fuchs, Web Technology Specialist for North Dakota State University, and thank her for guest blogging this month, she shares incredible insight into how to efficiently consume, curate, and share information. If you don’t already follow Sonja on Twitter (@SonjaNDSU), you should. She writes and shares amazing content. – Paul Hill


A big part of working in technology is to continually be kept informed of all the trends and changes that happen in this field. Gone are the days of expensive and time-intensive travel to annual industry trainings or volumes of trade journals gathering dust and cluttering your desk. When asked by Paul Hill to do a post on how technology has revolutionized my job, I would say news feeds have made it easy to stay informed.

They can also be called a news aggregator or feed readers but what they do is far more important than what you call them. You choose the news YOU want to get and it’s delivered to you. No more checking browser bookmarks one by one.

I subscribe to 16 different sites and I spend about an hour each day seeing if there’s anything relevant to my job that I can use or share. There’s usually great tips for social media or productivity. Using Feedly, I can easily share good content with a click or tap. I can also save articles for later.

Some of my favorite sites I get useful content from are Copyblogger, MeetContent and ReadWriteWeb. I sprinkle in some fun stuff too from sites like Pleated Jeans and my favorite author Jennsylvania because sometimes you just need a break from tech!

Sometimes I get stuff in my feed that really has no relevance. For the most part, Mashable and Lifehacker provide a wealth of relevant articles but I’d say 30% or more is just junk on pop culture that I don’t want to waste my time on. I added the Spoi extension to my browser to get rid of stories about “Harry Potter or “Cosplay” (sorry to offend any fellow Geeks but those just aren’t up my alley).

What’s in your feed? I’d love to know!

Sonja Fuchs
Web Technology Specialist
North Dakota State University

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