Welcome EdTechs

We are eXtension’s newest learning network and we’re just getting off the ground and ramping up for an active future within Cooperative Extension. Our learning network program manager, Jamie Seger from The Ohio State University, has taken some time to answer a couple of questions related to the new network.

What’s it for?

This is a new learning network that provides Extension professionals with the platform to learn and teach each other about integrating technology into their work. This network is utilizing a combination of blogging, social media, Twitter chats, videos, and in-person meetups to engage members across the country.

What’s in it for me?

We’re putting examples of how to successfully integrate technology into actual practice! This network will provide sharing and learning opportunities among both Extension professionals and private sector technology experts to foster successful use of technology integration into Extension programming across the nation.

The ‘old’ format of only learning how Extension colleagues use technology during conferences, then returning with little direction as to where to begin, is in the past. Building a collaborative and cooperative network of professionals who support one another in their innovative programming efforts is the way of the future!

How can I get involved?

First things first, you can join the network at extedtechs.org/join.

The Learning Network utilizes a unique combination of blogging, social media, #EdTechLN Twitter chats, “Steal My Idea” videos, and both virtual and in-person meetups to engage with more than 90 members from across the country.

Our first Twitter Chat will be on Thursday, November 20th at 2:00pm EST. Use the hashtag #EdTechLN to join the conversation. Get involved even further by sharing your EdTech story in the comments below: what are you using? How you are using it? What you would like to accomplish (goals) using educational technologies?

This Learning Network and its membership will become a national leader in sharing what software, apps or technology work well through blogging and other social media, as well as training peers nationally in the most effective use possible.

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