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This blog post was written by the adventurous, happy Millennial: Jamie Davis, Lake County Extension Agent for Oregon State University. Her program delivery is in 4-H Youth Development & Family Community Health.

Recently, at our All-Extension conference in Oregon, we were posed with the question, “If you only had 15 minutes, what technology tools would you like to learn about as an Extension Professional?” Many of my colleagues shared they would like to learn about apps pertinent to their work as Extension Educators which have been researched (tested) by colleagues. As an app-happy millennial, I often download, use and delete an app or two a week. What I was hearing from my colleagues is they don’t want to find apps by trial-and-error. They are seeking a simple list of apps that have a practical application in the work we do.

I have generated a list of some of my favorite apps that I use regularly for work, which have earned the endorsement of many of my colleagues as well. I would like this topic to be a regular feature in our NAE4-HA Newsletter. Please share the go-to apps you use as an Extension Professional by tagging your ideas with #appNae4ha or tag me @Davisjams. Last, but certainly not least, you can kick it old-school and send me an email at


iOS, Windows & Android
Gone are the days of toting around a personal and a work cell phone! This app allows you to have a second phone line on your smartphone for work calls and texting. You can now give out a cell phone number without fear you will be called on the weekends, vacation or yes – even a holiday. You can simply manage the second line by turning to “do not disturb,” which will not affect your personal cell line.


iOS, Windows & Android (works over SMS as well)
This is THE game changer for connecting with groups/teams during events such as county fair and conferences. This app allows you to have a group conversation and share files and photos without bogging down your standard messaging services. During National 4-H Congress this year, the Oregon Delegation set up a GroupMe account and it was nothing short of AMAZING!

Presentation Apps (SlideShareSlideSharkKeynote & More!)

iOS, Windows & Android (works over SMS as well)
Free Options
Are you still using a laptop to present?!?! Drop the weight and use one of the MANY free presentation apps that allow you to present your slides with a smartphone or tablet. Many of these apps have great built-in features that allow you to share your presentation, keep track of time and offer a library of resources for you!


iOS, Windows & Android
Free Option
This app will make you feel like an Extension Jetsetter! Gone are the days of scrolling through your email looking for that flight number or hotel phone number. After setting up a TripIt account, you simply forward all your travel information (flight, hotel and ground transportation) to one email address and BAM! you are provided with a detailed master itinerary.

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