There’s An App for That! Second Installment

This blog post was written by the adventurous, happy Millennial: Jamie Davis, Lake County Extension Agent for Oregon State University. Her program delivery is in 4-H Youth Development & Family Community Health. Her Twitter handle is @DavisJams.

Thank you for all the great feedback on the first installment of There’s An App for That! I hope you also enjoy the second installment of apps that have a practical application for Extension Professionals. Please share the go-to apps you use by tagging your ideas with #appNae4ha or tag me @DavisJams.  Last, but certainly not least, you can kick it old-school and send me an email at


iOS, Windows & Android
Free Option
Turn your phone into a walkie-talkie with this app. You can have one-on-one push button conversations with very little delay. In the free app option, you can create private channels for up to five users. There is even an option to replay conversations so you do not miss a beat!

Priority Matrix

iOS, Windows & Android
Free Option
This app is a Type A person’s dream and everything a Type B person needs. Priority Matrix allows you to organize tasks based on four priority quadrants. Although I have only used this app for planning my own work priorities the real power lies in using the app for team planning and communication.


Ever wish you had a PA system without the set up hassle? Megaphone transforms your iPhone into an instant microphone, PA system or megaphone when you plug it into amplified speakers. The only downfall of this app is that it must be tethered via an AUX cord to a speaker.  This app does not allow you to connect over Bluetooth to replicate a wireless mic. I might not be able to have it all but I sure do love being able to use my powerful portable speaker as a PA system on the fly.

Heads Up

iOS, Windows & Android
This is a great game to have on standby that is a hit with all age groups. Heads Up is a high-tech version of charades/catch phrase that is always with you. I have used this app as a planned ice-breaker or team-building activity with teenagers. Yet, the real magic is having it on hand when there is dead time to fill while traveling, standing in line or between workshops.


iOS, Windows & Android
Free Option
I often volunteer to “DJ” at our opening assemblies and between workshops at our youth conferences and retreats. Being the diligent 4-H professional that I am – I would research the current top teen songs, screen the songs for appropriateness, then purchase the songs from iTunes. This is not only time consuming, but rather expensive. I thought there has to be a better way! After much research I have found the best option is to stream the “Teen Pop Radio” on Pandora AND in the account setting options, disable allowing explicit content. This has passed the test with the most discerning audiences.

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