The Top Three Social Media Sources for Extension Professionals

I have been studying, testing, implementing, and evaluating social media use in Extension programming since 2009. Back then, social media was still considered “that new fad” by most of my colleagues. Now (for most Extension professionals) it has firmly planted itself in our programming psyche as an essential outreach, education, and marketing tool.

Trying to stay as much on top of current information as I can, I have followed many social media sources over the years and know that some are better than others. Here are my top three social media sources and my go-to resources (I recommend you follow them too):

  1. Social Media Examiner is a wealth of information! All things social media strategy, content, design – anything that involves social media really – is on this site. SME is also my go-to resource when colleagues request step-by-step how-to’s in a printed format that we do not have readily available. Follow Social Media Examiner on Facebook if you’re a Facebooker, or Twitter if you Tweet.
  2. Social Media Today is my second go-to source. There posts also tend to show in my Facebook newsfeed frequently, so I get updates from them more often than any other source. SMT offers helpful explanatory videos as well – like this one on the Pinterest vs. Instagram debate. Follow them on Facebook or Twitter.
  3. Beth Kanter is an expert in nonprofit social media use. She not only has an excellent blog, she’s written several informative books as well. You can follow Beth on Facebook and Twitter.

What are your go-to sources on all things social media? What was left off of the list?

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