“What the #EdTechLN Can Do For You” Dec. 4th TweetUp Recap

The second #EdTechLN TweetUp was earlier today and once again, there were some great conversations and resources shared! Scroll down through the highlights and recap to view the resources (links included) Tweeted during the hour.
The next #EdTechLN TweetUp will be Thursday December 18th @ 2:00pm EST. And because the holidays are around the corner, it’s going to be lots of fun! We hope to “Tweet” you there.
#EdTechLN TweetUps are always the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month!

Essential Lessons for Twitter Users

So you’ve signed up for Twitter…Congrats! Right about now you might be wondering “How do I get started?” I’ve been using Twitter for about 3 years now (and still learning), but if I was getting started today I would go to Twitter’s Help Center, they have a very useful page titled Getting Started with Twitter that I have found very useful when teaching people about Twitter who are entirely new to the social network.

If you get confused with …

Overcoming Barriers to Social Media Use in Extension

Extension agents and specialists feel pressure to use social media, feeling they will be “outdated” if they don’t use it, yet issues of control and time allocation can be significant barriers. These findings were shared in the Journal of Extension by Elizabeth Newbury, Lee Humphreys, and Lucas Fuess based on their research with Extension educators in New York and Wisconsin.

They found that use of social media by peers is crucial in encouraging adoption, an important finding for members …

5 Social Media Tips for Professional Development Conferences

  1. Be Positive-you’re attending this conference, you’ve paid money to get there. You ought to be diving in for the best of the best to bring home with you. Leave the constructive criticism to the post-conference survey. Only post and tweet about the new ideas, great resources and other positive aspects…besides, you never know who you’ll get to network with later on.
  2. Hashtag Please-the best way to interact with others at your conference via social media is to use the designated