3 Reasons Why Ed Tech Can’t Just Be for ‘Techies’

I was born in 1982. That puts me on the tail end of the Gen X generation, and the cusp of the
Millennial generation. I definitely have qualities of both and by no means consider myself to be a digital native (i.e. I didn’t even have dial up internet until I was a junior in high school). But once my career began in Extension seven years ago, I was immediately labeled a ‘techie’ since I was among the select few …

Digital Badges: A Primer

Yay! I have a shiny new digital badge! Now what?! 

For those who participated in the latest #EdTechLN TweetUp this month, we handed out a digital badge specifically designed for TweetUp participants. Digital badges are a new method of rewarding accomplishments, skills, or interests that can be earned in various learning environments. You can read more about the background and use of digital badges in this Educause pub.

Digital Badge Programs

The Educational Technology Learning Network is in the …

“What the #EdTechLN Can Do For You” Dec. 4th TweetUp Recap

The second #EdTechLN TweetUp was earlier today and once again, there were some great conversations and resources shared! Scroll down through the highlights and recap to view the resources (links included) Tweeted during the hour.
The next #EdTechLN TweetUp will be Thursday December 18th @ 2:00pm EST. And because the holidays are around the corner, it’s going to be lots of fun! We hope to “Tweet” you there.
#EdTechLN TweetUps are always the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month!