The Latest in Social Media

The Latest in Social Media

By Gary Vaynerchuk

 Facebook Stories rolls out public sharing
Facebook users that allow public followers now have the capability to post their Stories publicly for anyone to watch. This feature is currently only available for personal profiles, not yet Pages.

Facebook releases Live Audio
Facebook recently released the capability to “go live” using Live Audio amongst other features like Live Video. When on the “Live” tab, tap on the video camera icon to live stream

The Top Three Social Media Sources for Extension Professionals

I have been studying, testing, implementing, and evaluating social media use in Extension programming since 2009. Back then, social media was still considered “that new fad” by most of my colleagues. Now (for most Extension professionals) it has firmly planted itself in our programming psyche as an essential outreach, education, and marketing tool.

Trying to stay as much on top of current information as I can, I have followed many social media sources over the years and know that some …

Pinterest as a Serious Social Media Tool

Ask anyone you work with about what social media sites they use. They will probably begin with Facebook and Twitter. Ask them to think about some more and they will throw out Snapchat, Instagram, Tumblr, or even Pinterest. Going a step further, business or work applications for the use of Pinterest appear to be skewed. Widely utilized by a feminine audience, and adorned with pictures of pretty dresses, and delicious meals in minutes, the social media site has taken off, …