The 4 Things CES Taught Us About the Future of Extension

Earlier this month, more than 170,000 tech enthusiasts once again converged in Las Vegas for the always-massive, yet inspiring, Consumer Electronics Show (CES). #EdTechLN Co-Leaders Paul Hill and Jamie Seger were among the crowd.

This is what we learned from CES about the future of Extension

“Innovation” is Relative

Depending on the industry, how “innovation” is defined ebbs and flows… The level of innovation at CES was mind-blowing, even for a techie. And on a completely separate level from …

Blogging Best Practices, 2015 Edition [SLIDEDECK]

Before you click publish, is that new blog post of yours less than 500 words? “Of course it is!”, (you’re quietly thinking to yourself)Because that is the general rule of thumb… correct? Well, you should consider whittling it down to 300 words according to new information. If you’re finding it hard to keep up with best practices information when technology is involved, join the club. Tech is a fast-moving, sometimes stealthy beast that waits for no one. …

Podcasting in Extension: the Working Differently Example

Bob Bertsch is a Web Technology Specialist in Agriculture Communication at North Dakota State University. His Working Differently in Extension Podcast has highlighted innovative Extension programming as well as “movers and shakers” in the field for several years. 

What motivated you to create podcasts?

I spent the first 6 years of my career in public radio, so I was familiar with audio production. When I started working with NDSU Extension in 2008, podcasts were still working their way into the …