Highlights from Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC)

Highlights from Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC)


  • Apple announced the Siri-powered HomePod, a direct competitor to both Amazon Alexa devices and Google Home
  • iPhones will include built-in augmented reality (AR) technology
  • The App Store will be redesigned to improve discoverability
  • Apple TV will include Amazon in its list of 50 partners
  • Apple Watch will incorporate Siri

Tech Tool: Remind

Tech Tool: remind.com


  • Clientele/4-H/Volunteer/Conference Mobile Messaging – Real-time messaging to your staff, parents, members, attendees, volunteers all from one place. Anyone who needs to get your information. They can subscribe/unsubscribe on their own.
  • Mobile support – Send text messages on the go, straight to any phone no matter where you are. See who’s read your messages and who’s missing out.
  • Co-administrator privileges – Make your colleagues co-admins to streamline communication.
  • Scheduled announcements – Set reminders in advance—they’ll send automatically.

Educational Texts: Lessons Learned from Body Quest

I would like to introduce you to Katie Funderburk, Family & Consumer Sciences Extension Specialist in Alabama. Katie is also the Nutrition and Evaluation Coordinator for the Nutrition Education Program and SNAP-ED for ACES. I met Katie at the National Extension Association for Family & Consumer Sciences (NEAFCS) conference last week, and asked her to share some of the exciting work she’s doing. Enjoy.

Can you describe Body Quest for us?

Body Quest is a SNAP-Ed school-based obesity prevention initiative …