The Scholarship Continuum and Tools to Make the Most of it

Well, I asked and you answered. A couple weeks ago I put out a call to all #EdTechLN members to send to me a list of tools they use for different parts of the creative process.  The reason for compiling the list is to help us all become more aware of the tools at our disposal. These tools can help us report the impact of our programs.

Impact has become the buzzword in Extension. Documentation of impact is important because …

Is Twitter Worth Using in Extension?

Name: Eric Stafne            Twitter handle: @EStafne

#Followers: >750              #Followed: >450

#Tweets: >9,000               Engagement rate: ~2.5%

When I first heard about Twitter I thought it was a ridiculous, narcissistic invention. Who cares what anybody had for lunch or what asinine thing a pop star did? So, I resisted it and made excuses; mainly that it was not worth my time and I didn’t have time to spare for it. It wasn’t until 2011 that I broke down and started an account. …

Promotion & Tenure is Digital Scholarship’s “Berlin Wall”

Eric Stafne authored a brilliant series on digital scholarship last week. He echoes the sentiment of many Extension professionals around the country who are struggling to create digital content and have it be viewed as “quality”, scholarly work by their local promotion and tenure committee, or even evaluation process.

As we move further into a digital era of open sharing, learning, and collaboration… where does “scholarly” work fit in? How can we address the need to both create quality content, …