Social Media in the News

Social Media in the News

By Gary Vee

Facebook Makes Ad-Metrics Clearer – Facebook will begin labeling some metrics in Ads Manager as estimated or in development, to provide more clarity on how they are calculated and how you should consider using them.

Twitter launches Bookmarks – Twitter  Twitter is publicly launching its “Bookmarks” feature… A desire to save content for later reading is something people have asked for because of how much news circulates across Twitter, often including links to longer articles you don’t have time to read in the moment, and an increased desire for privacy around their saves.

Anchor launches version 3.0 – In the past, Anchor  was carving out a niche for itself in the short-form, social audio space, the new version – Anchor 3.0 – aims to be everything you need to record, edit, host, publish, and distribute a podcast of any length, as well as track how well the podcast is performing.

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