So, You Think You Want an App?

small pinIn Extension, our jobs are to help people get information where and when they need it, to help them integrate research-based knowledge into their everyday lives. So, it makes sense that we have so many great ideas for mobile apps. Mobile apps help us reach clientele in the field (quite literally, in some cases), and share the most up-to-date data. Apps can be a great way for our Extension clients to store and track information (as with the 4-H Livestock Record app), make decisions about how they spend their money (as in the PowerPay app), learn about different content (as in the Eat-and-Move-O-Matic app), even shop or plan their activities (as in the Southwest Plant Selector app).

Unfortunately, it takes so much more than a great idea to make a great app. Here’s a simple flowchart the app developers at the NMSU Learning Games Lab created with the exceptional Ed Techs from the Ohio State University. It’s designed to help us all think through some of the process entailed in app development.

NMSU Media Productions (the parent department of the Learning Games Lab) regularly partners with other states and organizations in developing apps and learning media, both in production and in grant submission to receive funding. For more information, contact the department, or Barbara Chamberlin.

You can also download this flow chart as a PDF, if you would like to share it with others.So You Want to Make An App InfographicNote: cost estimates here are based on our work in Extension, and represent the minimum starting cost of an app.  Updated in July, 2015, Formotus gives a more specific means of estimating app development expenses.


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