Digital Scholarship Papers

I. Technology Creation in Scholarship

Digital Scholarship Considered: How New Technologies Could Transform Academic Work

An empirically grounded framework to guide blogging for digital scholarship

Open practices and identity: Evidence from researchers and educators’ social media participation

Bloggership, or is publishing a blog scholarship? A survey of academic librarians

Southern Spaces

Leveraging New Media in the Scholarship of Engagement: Opportunities and Incentives

II. E-learning

E-learning: The hype and the reality

eLearning among Canadian anesthesia residents: a survey of podcast use and content needs

Pediatric Pain Management Education in Medical Students: Impact of a Web-Based Module

Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education

III. Promotion and Tenure/Evaluation

Digital scholarship in the university tenure and promotion process: A report on the sixth scholarly communication symposium at Georgetown University Library

Tenure and promotion in the age of online social media

Blogs and the Promotion and Tenure Letter

Digital Scholarship in the Tenure, Promotion, and Review Process

Promotion & tenure is digital scholarship’s “Berlin wall”

IV. Engagement

Scholarship in the digital age: Open educational resources, publication and public engagement;jsessionid=A92EB199BB32D86ABEBD5D72E855CAA7.f03t04?deniedAccessCustomisedMessage=&userIsAuthenticated=false

The scholarship of Extension: practical ways for Extension professionals to share impact.

V. Valuation of Digital Scholarship

A View of Digital Scholarship in Extension

Achieving rigor and relevance in online multimedia publishing

Valuing Digital Scholarship: Exploring the Changing Realities of Intellectual Work

Reviewing Digital Scholarship: The Need for Discipline-Based Peer Review

How to Evaluate Digital Scholarship

Reinventing academic publishing online. Part I: Rigor, relevance and practice

On the Evaluation of Digital Media as Scholarship

VI. Barriers

The New Digital [St]age: Barriers to the Adoption and Adaptation of New Technologies to Deliver Extension Programming and How to Address Them

VII. General

The scholarship of eXtension

Scholars, Scholarship, and the Scholarly Enterprise in the Digital Age

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