Paul Goeringer’s Top 3 Apps

Paul Goeringer is an Extension Legal Specialist in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources at the University of Maryland. Follow him on Twitter at @aglawpaul. Paul also blogs about updates on crop insurance changes, farm policy issues, court decisions, regulations, and other risk management news important to the Maryland agriculture community – learn more at

I do utilize a few different applications in my job. So what apps do I find useful and why do I utilize them?

1. Tweetdeck
I manage two public twitter accounts (@AgLawPaul and @MDCropIns), assist with one other twitter account (@MdAgLaw), and manage two public Facebook pages. Keeping all those social media accounts straight can get complicated. Tweetdeck is an app that is owned by Twitter that allows me to manage 3 Twitter accounts efficiently. With Tweetdeck I can easily retweet information from each account I’m associated with and monitor hashtags.

2. Camtasia
Camtasia has become a favorite app in the past few months (if not weeks). I realize my audience is not going to all learn from a factsheet/Extension publication. Many will want to watch a short video presenting the same information. Camtasia allows me to develop web videos quickly and easily. With Camtasia all you need is a good microphone, a simple Powerpoint, and you can develop effective videos to upload on Youtube. The app has other uses as well and we are starting to use it to capture webinars to edit down into shorter videos.

3. Video Conferencing Apps
Lets face it working for our respective states; we have limited budgets and may not always be able to travel to locations when we need to. Because of this, I’ve grown to utilize Google Hangouts, which can basically be utilized with any device with a mic and a webcam. I’m slowly forgoing conference calls in favor of videoconferencing because it helps me pay attention more and not attempt to multitask.

I have a feeling if I am to reevaluate this list in six months I will probably have a different top three but currently those are the top apps I am utilizing in my Extension outreach.

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