Don’t Be Gross – Animations for Food Safety Outreach

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FScreen Shot 2014-10-30 at 12.06.26 PMood safety education is a crucial part of our educational outreach. These short, powerful animations provide a lovely visual punch to supplement our glitter-bug activities. Each of the animations address a crucial issue, and help encourage the ‘ick’ factor when working with kids.

My favorite is We Have A Winner, helping us think about the risks of leaving the bathroom without washing up.

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The Don’t

Ed Tech in Action: 3 Examples

The Ohio State University Extension has designated three Ed Tech Specialist positions as part of a pilot project that began in the Fall of 2013. Over the past year, the Ed Techs have worked with program staff and IT professionals to fill the gap between technology and the people who integrate it into their programming efforts. Below are just 3 examples of projects and other collaborative efforts that have been born out of OSU’s Ed Tech project:

FCS Talking Points

Overcoming Barriers to Social Media Use in Extension

Extension agents and specialists feel pressure to use social media, feeling they will be “outdated” if they don’t use it, yet issues of control and time allocation can be significant barriers. These findings were shared in the Journal of Extension by Elizabeth Newbury, Lee Humphreys, and Lucas Fuess based on their research with Extension educators in New York and Wisconsin.

They found that use of social media by peers is crucial in encouraging adoption, an important finding for members …

Twitter Chats: A Newbie Guide

mascot-48563_640To engage in a twitter chat is to be a part of something bigger. It is the opportunity to engage in a topic with those who share interest in a topic. A twitter chat is the informal cousin of the web conference, with more sharing and learning. Twitter chat for Extension is a great way to provide resources, stay informed of trends, or projects that might be of interest from fellow professionals.

A twitter chat is usually a planned event …