Hello Makers! You’ve found the official page of the eXtension Maker Network.

Paul HillMy name is Paul Hill and I am a 2015-2016 eXtension Fellow leading the Maker Network of professionals in the Cooperative Extension System of Land Grant Universities.

Read the eXtension Fellowship announcement about the launch of our Maker Network, then click here to join. Once you have joined you will be added to our Google Group which will allow you to easily share your ideas, thoughts and resources with the entire community simply by sending an email to

I encourage you to engage in the conversation on Twitter by searching the hashtag #ExtMakers or by visiting

Here’s what I am curating for our community:

Maker Movement blog posts for

Maker Movement articles for Journal of Extension

Extension and the Maker Movement by Hill, P., Francis, D., & Peterson, G.
Involvement in the Maker Movement is growing across the nation. Extension has an opportunity to engage with new audiences by applying the existing skills and knowledge found in the Cooperative Extension System. Utah State University Extension has found success in engaging with the Maker Movement in a variety of ways.

4-H and the Maker Movement by Hill, P., Francis, D., & Peterson, G.
The Maker Movement is thriving, and 4-H programs have the opportunity to get involved and keep 4-H relevant. “Making” is gaining traction as a strategy to engage young people in building their science abilities. Collectively joining the Maker Movement would accelerate 4-H’s national STEM goals and initiatives while enhancing the abilities of youth as they make innovative breakthroughs.

Building and Managing Makerspaces in Extension by Francis, D., Hill, P., Graham, D., Swadley, E., & Esplin, K.
As traditional face-to-face Extension office interactions are supplanted by online education options, the makerspace offers a venue for authentic engagement between Extension and the community. In makerspaces, learners make and learn from one another in a cooperative learning environment. Through involvement in the maker movement, Extension has an opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge of land-grant educators and Extension volunteers in a new and meaningful way. Creating and supporting makerspaces will increase Extension’s visibility and allow for the delivery of content to a new audience. Such efforts will assist Extension in staying relevant in the 21st century.


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