Learn These Google Services, You Must

Last week I tweeted about the article, 15 Amazingly Useful Google Services You Should Know About, written by Ben Medlock and published on lifehack.org.

In recent Journal of Extension articles I’ve written, I’ve called for Extension professionals to learn Google Search so they can teach clients this 21st century skill. But Google has also created a cache of products and services to make your life easier. You’ve heard of Google Maps, Calendar, and Gmail but it may surprise you just how many Google services actually exist.

Of the 15 lesser-known Google services Medlock highlighted, here are 6 that I recommend exploring first.

  • Google Scholar: A terrific way to keep up to date with academic research. Searching across masses of scholarly literature in one place has never been so simple.
  • Google Correlate: This service allows you to look at searches run on Google’s engine that correlate with real-world trends. Excellent for timing a marketing strategy, see what happens when you type in “gardening.”
  • Google Goggles: Get the app, then snap a picture and let Google crawl its archives. If it finds the image it will give you all information you desire. It’s that easy, you definitely want to try it. Everything is searchable now!
  • Google Crisis Response: Search data has revealed that people turn to the Internet in a crisis. In the event a disaster strikes, tools like Google Public Alerts, Google Person Finder, and Google Crisis Map is where people are turning to share information about response efforts and make developing news easily available. With this service, Google partners with government agencies, relief efforts and more to bring helpful information and resources to the right places.
  • FieldTripper: This app provides location-based information with tidbits of information about your surroundings as you move around a city. All around great app for exploring while you’re out for a walk, a night on the town, or geocaching.
  • Google Shopper: Go shopping in a smarter and more efficient way. This mobile app is loaded with features that display everything from what the barcode on an item means, daily and nearby deals to the ability to search for an item by voice. Take it with you on your next shopping trip.

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