Handling Event Photos

Your great event is over, leaving you with happy memories, a sense of pride…and a mountain of high resolution digital photos. While you know these high quality photos are important, they will also consume a large amount of space, slow down your web site, and max out the size limits of your email in their current form. Before archiving them for posterity, you realize you’ll need smaller copies of your event photos that are easier to work with. You check the time and realize that resizing a few photos isn’t a big deal, but several hundred? That can be more of a commitment.

Enter the FastStone Photo Editor, a powerful free tool that can help you accomplish this quickly and easily. With FastStone Photo Editor, you can make resized copies of your photos as a batch (all at once) instead of having to resize each picture individually. It can also be used to rename your photos, convert them to different formats, add a watermark to each one, and more. Best of allFastStonePhotoEditor, FastStone doesn’t try to load down your computer with bloatware, ask for your granny’s phone number, or sneak in the umpteenth version of McAfee during the install.

As the software hums away, resizing all the photos to your specifications, you lean back in your chair and bask in the glory of a job well done. Thanks to your association with the Educational Technology Learning Network, you will wow your web visitors, delight your director, and be cool to your colleagues once again. The FastStone Photo Editor can be found at faststone.org.


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