Twitter Chats: A Newbie Guide

mascot-48563_640To engage in a twitter chat is to be a part of something bigger. It is the opportunity to engage in a topic with those who share interest in a topic. A twitter chat is the informal cousin of the web conference, with more sharing and learning. Twitter chat for Extension is a great way to provide resources, stay informed of trends, or projects that might be of interest from fellow professionals.

A twitter chat is usually a planned event set for a specific date, and a stretch of time. A moderator watches over the tweets to ensure they stay on topic. The moderator will follow a pre-determined format such as a question and answer, or something more open. Occasionally a guest may be invited to join a chat to help add insight from their perspective, much like we do with blogs to keep things interested and upbeat.

If you are lucky, many times twitter chats will find you. However if you are searching for a chat there are a few ways to find something of interest to get started.

  • I found this to be very interesting- many options and constantly changing.
  • This Google Doc has been mentioned countless times – very in-depth resource!

So…what now?

In order to start your own journey towards twitter chats – you will need to have a twitter account.  For more information on signing up for Twitter please check out my blog post at on the basics of Twitter, signing up, and a few keywords to know.

How to be Successful in Twitter Chats

  1. Find a chat you are interested in! Anything, if you are just learning – maybe a hobby would be a good first choice!
  2. Listen to the Chats going on. What are they talking about? Is it interesting?
  3. Jump on in! Try re-tweeting a chat that you agree with, or believe in. Reply to someone and show your interest to their response or tweet.
  4. Use the hashtag to communicate. If you want to stay a part of the chat, keep the hashtag in to keep your tweets showing up in everyone’s newsfeed.


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