There’s an app for that

This blog post was written by the adventurous, happy Millennial: Jamie Davis, Lake County Extension Agent for Oregon State University. Her program delivery is in 4-H Youth Development & Family Community Health.

Recently, at our All-Extension conference in Oregon, we were posed with the question, “If you only had 15 minutes, what technology tools would you like to learn about as an Extension Professional?” Many of my colleagues shared they would like to learn about apps pertinent to their work …

How Extension Can Think Like an Entrepreneur

This blog post was written by Alice Henneman and Joanne Kinsey. Alice Henneman, MS, RDN is an Extension Educator in Nebraska. Among her job responsibilities, she co-ordinates and contributes to the largest Extension website, in Nebraska. She geeks out on social media. In taking the Entrepreneurial Profile quiz mentioned in this article. Her top four “talents” are: Independence, disruptor, knowledge and delegator.  Joanne Kinsey, MS, CWWS is an Extension Educator/Associate Professor at Rutgers Cooperative Extension in New Jersey.

Learning Soft Skills the Hard Way

This guest blog post comes to us from Susan Hutton at Colorado State University. While completing her undergraduate degree in animal sciences, she realized her true calling was to help people tell their stories through compelling video. Susan was a newcomer to the world of multimedia. After completing several small projects in Extension communications, she was given her first major project. It stretched her camera, directing, and editing skills with tight scripts, multiple cameras, props, costumes, and the responsibility for


Alice Henneman is an Extension Educator at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln Extension. Here in this blog post she shares her three favorite apps (as of right now). Follow her on Twitter @alicehenneman



Canva is a free graphic design and photo editing app. It includes templates for quickly sizing images for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and much more. Canva includes more than one million layouts, stock photos and illustrations. While Canva is free, there is a small fee …