Tech Tool: Diigo

Tech Tool:

Description: Save and tag your online resources for easy access anytime, anywhere. Annotate web pages and PDF’s directly as you browse online. Organize your links, references and personal input to create a structured research base through Outliner. Share your research with colleagues, classmates and friends through our collaborative platform for knowledge sharing.

How I use Diigo: I use Diigo for organizing and annotating everything I read online. This way it is easier to go back and …

Tech Tool: Remind

Tech Tool:


  • Clientele/4-H/Volunteer/Conference Mobile Messaging – Real-time messaging to your staff, parents, members, attendees, volunteers all from one place. Anyone who needs to get your information. They can subscribe/unsubscribe on their own.
  • Mobile support – Send text messages on the go, straight to any phone no matter where you are. See who’s read your messages and who’s missing out.
  • Co-administrator privileges – Make your colleagues co-admins to streamline communication.
  • Scheduled announcements – Set reminders in advance—they’ll send automatically.