Extension Audiences can “Stay Safe with Horses”

Free, online learning modules are available to help educate handlers in safe handling. Designed for youth and adults who are new to animals, the interactive modules show how to safely halter and release a horse in a pen or in the field.

The easy-to-use tools can be completed in about 20 minutes, and they give users expert advice on what to look for (watch a horse’s ears to check his mood), and simple ways to prevent accidents (look the lead …

Online Beef Jerky Training

Where does your favorite beef jerky come from? It may be one of the delicious brands from small processors, often created from a secret family recipe and lovingly prepared by members of that same family!

Free, online training modules are available to help train food preparers at those small processors in preparing the jerky safely.  Beef jerky food safety can be tricky to train others on, because there are so many different methods for preparing, marinating, seasoning and drying the …

Digital Badges: A Primer

Yay! I have a shiny new digital badge! Now what?! 

For those who participated in the latest #EdTechLN TweetUp this month, we handed out a digital badge specifically designed for TweetUp participants. Digital badges are a new method of rewarding accomplishments, skills, or interests that can be earned in various learning environments. You can read more about the background and use of digital badges in this Educause pub.

Digital Badge Programs

The Educational Technology Learning Network is in the …

Don’t Be Gross – Animations for Food Safety Outreach

Check out all the animations at dontbegross.com

FScreen Shot 2014-10-30 at 12.06.26 PMood safety education is a crucial part of our educational outreach. These short, powerful animations provide a lovely visual punch to supplement our glitter-bug activities. Each of the animations address a crucial issue, and help encourage the ‘ick’ factor when working with kids.

My favorite is We Have A Winner, helping us think about the risks of leaving the bathroom without washing up.

View all the animations at dontbegross.com

The Don’t