How Extension Can Think Like an Entrepreneur

This blog post was written by Alice Henneman and Joanne Kinsey. Alice Henneman, MS, RDN is an Extension Educator in Nebraska. Among her job responsibilities, she co-ordinates and contributes to the largest Extension website, in Nebraska. She geeks out on social media. In taking the Entrepreneurial Profile quiz mentioned in this article. Her top four “talents” are: Independence, disruptor, knowledge and delegator.  Joanne Kinsey, MS, CWWS is an Extension Educator/Associate Professor at Rutgers Cooperative Extension in New Jersey.

Is Twitter Worth Using in Extension?

Name: Eric Stafne            Twitter handle: @EStafne

#Followers: >750              #Followed: >450

#Tweets: >9,000               Engagement rate: ~2.5%

When I first heard about Twitter I thought it was a ridiculous, narcissistic invention. Who cares what anybody had for lunch or what asinine thing a pop star did? So, I resisted it and made excuses; mainly that it was not worth my time and I didn’t have time to spare for it. It wasn’t until 2011 that I broke down and started an account. …

Gaming, Gamification & Game-Based Learning

4-H kids and leaders playing games on computers

This fantastic infographic from Upside Learning clarifies the difference between gaming (just for fun), game-based learning (using a game to learn something) and gamification (using game mechanics – like scoring – to motivate people.)

Often, when people outside the field talk about using a game to transform someone, they mention how games can “make learning fun”. Game-based learning can be so much more than that, particularly when it uses all the affordances of games to provide motivation, expose users to …