Educational Texts: Lessons Learned from Body Quest

I would like to introduce you to Katie Funderburk, Family & Consumer Sciences Extension Specialist in Alabama. Katie is also the Nutrition and Evaluation Coordinator for the Nutrition Education Program and SNAP-ED for ACES. I met Katie at the National Extension Association for Family & Consumer Sciences (NEAFCS) conference last week, and asked her to share some of the exciting work she’s doing. Enjoy.

Can you describe Body Quest for us?

Body Quest is a SNAP-Ed school-based obesity prevention initiative …

Gotta Catch ‘Em All: Using PokémonGo [Augmented Reality] to Capture Attention for Extension Events

What is PokémonGo? What is augmented reality? Ed Tech Learning Network leaders Paul Hill and Jamie Seger, along with Utah State University Collegiate 4-H President KC Esplin, discuss the PokémonGo craze during this eXtension webinar. Walk-through how to play PokémonGo, see examples of use by businesses and non-profit organizations, and learn how Extension professionals can use this viral game to draw people to Extension events and offices.

Are you playing PokémonGo? Have you utilized it in your work? Let …

Gaming, Gamification & Game-Based Learning

4-H kids and leaders playing games on computers

This fantastic infographic from Upside Learning clarifies the difference between gaming (just for fun), game-based learning (using a game to learn something) and gamification (using game mechanics – like scoring – to motivate people.)

Often, when people outside the field talk about using a game to transform someone, they mention how games can “make learning fun”. Game-based learning can be so much more than that, particularly when it uses all the affordances of games to provide motivation, expose users to …