MFLN Personal Finance uses Facebook Live (Streaming) To Supplement Savings Challenge

This guest blog post was written by Molly Herndon, social media specialist for the MFLN Personal Finance team.  The Military Families Learning Network (MFLN) is part of a DoD-USDA Partnership for Military Families – connecting military family service providers and Cooperative Extension professionals to research and to each other through engaging online learning opportunities.  You can follow Molly and the MFLN Personal Finance team on Twitter @MFLNPF.

Facebook Live is a streaming service offered by Facebook that allows …

High-Touch versus High-Tech in Extension

I would like to introduce you to Jeremiah Terrell, Human Development and Family Science Specialist and County Program Director for University of Missouri Extension. I interviewed Jeremiah at NEAFCS 2016 and he gave thought-provoking answers to questions about innovation and technology use in Extension work. Much of Jeremiah’s programming involves face-to-face interaction and relationship-building. Below are his responses to questions about high-touch versus high-tech and where potential lies for our most impactful programming. Enjoy!

Can you describe your most impactful

Gotta Catch ‘Em All: Using PokémonGo [Augmented Reality] to Capture Attention for Extension Events

What is PokémonGo? What is augmented reality? Ed Tech Learning Network leaders Paul Hill and Jamie Seger, along with Utah State University Collegiate 4-H President KC Esplin, discuss the PokémonGo craze during this eXtension webinar. Walk-through how to play PokémonGo, see examples of use by businesses and non-profit organizations, and learn how Extension professionals can use this viral game to draw people to Extension events and offices.

Are you playing PokémonGo? Have you utilized it in your work? Let …