So, You Think You Want an App?

small pinIn Extension, our jobs are to help people get information where and when they need it, to help them integrate research-based knowledge into their everyday lives. So, it makes sense that we have so many great ideas for mobile apps. Mobile apps help us reach clientele in the field (quite literally, in some cases), and share the most up-to-date data. Apps can be a great way for our Extension clients to store and track information (as with the 4-H Livestock


Alice Henneman is an Extension Educator at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln Extension. Here in this blog post she shares her three favorite apps (as of right now). Follow her on Twitter @alicehenneman



Canva is a free graphic design and photo editing app. It includes templates for quickly sizing images for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and much more. Canva includes more than one million layouts, stock photos and illustrations. While Canva is free, there is a small fee …

Converting Fact Sheets to Infographics

While putting together a social media strategy for the new Live Smart Ohio blogsite, my colleagues at the Ohio State University and I realized that we couldn’t design a sleek new blog and expect our readers to engage with Family & Consumer Sciences fact sheets. Did we really want to put PDFs on a blogsite? No. Definitely not.

So we worked with a graphic designer in OSU’s Education and Human Ecology communication’s department to (slowly) create infographics from our …