Blogging Best Practices, 2015 Edition [SLIDEDECK]

Before you click publish, is that new blog post of yours less than 500 words? “Of course it is!”, (you’re quietly thinking to yourself)Because that is the general rule of thumb… correct? Well, you should consider whittling it down to 300 words according to new information. If you’re finding it hard to keep up with best practices information when technology is involved, join the club. Tech is a fast-moving, sometimes stealthy beast that waits for no one. …

Gaming, Gamification & Game-Based Learning

4-H kids and leaders playing games on computers

This fantastic infographic from Upside Learning clarifies the difference between gaming (just for fun), game-based learning (using a game to learn something) and gamification (using game mechanics – like scoring – to motivate people.)

Often, when people outside the field talk about using a game to transform someone, they mention how games can “make learning fun”. Game-based learning can be so much more than that, particularly when it uses all the affordances of games to provide motivation, expose users to …

Creating a Multilingual, Mobile-Friendly Website and Print Publication

Authors: Tamara Hill-Tanquist, Bryan Mayjor and Dio Morales, Oregon State University

The Oregon State University Extension Service has developed bilingual print and online publications to help Oregon Christmas tree farm owners and employees manage pests and prepare trees for export. If you are considering developing a website that is both multilingual and mobile-friendly, this blog post is for you.  The key features of the “Best Management Practices for Christmas Tree Export” website include a dynamic user interface and easy navigation

A Web App for Teaching Gardens

This guest blog post was written by Aaron Sotala, an instructional designer for distance education at the University of Florida, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. He specializes in web design and multimedia production. This post introduces a web app developed by UF/IFAS CALS to help environmental horticulture students learn about plants growing in two teaching gardens at the Indian River Research and Education Center in Ft. Pierce, Florida. The app consists of quick information sheets with photos of many