Blogging Best Practices, 2015 Edition [SLIDEDECK]

Before you click publish, is that new blog post of yours less than 500 words? “Of course it is!”, (you’re quietly thinking to yourself)Because that is the general rule of thumb… correct? Well, you should consider whittling it down to 300 words according to new information. If you’re finding it hard to keep up with best practices information when technology is involved, join the club. Tech is a fast-moving, sometimes stealthy beast that waits for no one. At the Ohio State University Extension, our Ed Techs work hard to stay on top of tech so our colleagues don’t feel the burden as often… thus we roll out updated best practices and recommendations annually at minimum. Our latest tips for blog authorship are no different, and they have an impact in certain program areas. For example, all Family & Consumer Sciences blog posts are peer reviewed to ensure they match up with not only content recommendations, but design recommendations as well.

Here are our blogging tips for 2015 / 2016:

Does your post…

  • Have a good title that includes keywords?
  • Have less than 300 words in the body of your post?
  • Have a quality photo, image, infographic, or video included?
  • Have a few embedded links that readers would find helpful?
  • Have a call to action at the end? (information included that directs readers to local or statewide Extension / OSU resources)?
  • Include content that can easily be repurposed?
  • Cite your hyperlinked sources in the end notes below the content?

More in-depth information and resource links for each tip in the list are in the slidedeck from a recent workshop below.

Are there any best practices or tips missing from this list? How are you currently using blogs to share your expertise and work with local clientele and the world?
This content was originally posted on the OSU Extension Ed Tech blog. 

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