Welcome EdTechs

We are eXtension’s newest learning network and we’re just getting off the ground and ramping up for an active future within Cooperative Extension. Our learning network program manager, Jamie Seger from The Ohio State University, has taken some time to answer a couple of questions related to the new network.

What’s it for?

This is a new learning network that provides Extension professionals with the platform to learn and teach each other about integrating technology into their work. This network …

What is a Learning Network?

Maybe you’re wondering, “How is a community of practice different from a learning network?”

First, it’s important to note that communities of practice (CoP) are indeed networks in the sense that they involve connections among members. However, not all learning networks are communities of practice. This is because CoP’s don’t traditionally cross professions, they are made up of groups of people who share a craft, interest and/or a profession. Examples can be found in all these eXtension CoP’s.

In …