Gaming, Gamification & Game-Based Learning

4-H kids and leaders playing games on computers

This fantastic infographic from Upside Learning clarifies the difference between gaming (just for fun), game-based learning (using a game to learn something) and gamification (using game mechanics – like scoring – to motivate people.)

Often, when people outside the field talk about using a game to transform someone, they mention how games can “make learning fun”. Game-based learning can be so much more than that, particularly when it uses all the affordances of games to provide motivation, expose users to …

So, You Think You Want an App?

small pinIn Extension, our jobs are to help people get information where and when they need it, to help them integrate research-based knowledge into their everyday lives. So, it makes sense that we have so many great ideas for mobile apps. Mobile apps help us reach clientele in the field (quite literally, in some cases), and share the most up-to-date data. Apps can be a great way for our Extension clients to store and track information (as with the 4-H Livestock

“Don’t Wash Your Chicken” Materials for Extension Educators

When NPR’s food blog, The Salt proclaimed, “Julia Child Got it Wrong”, the cooks of the world took notice. Based on Jennifer Quinlan’s research at Drexel University, food safety experts are spreading the word, “Don’t Wash Your Chicken”, thanks to free videos and printable resources.

Quinlan teamed with Extension media developers at New Mexico State University to create four mini-dramas, cooking demos and photo-novellas (comic books) helping a audiences learn why washing chicken can be so hazardous (hint: the bacteria …

Extension Audiences can “Stay Safe with Horses”

Free, online learning modules are available to help educate handlers in safe handling. Designed for youth and adults who are new to animals, the interactive modules show how to safely halter and release a horse in a pen or in the field.

The easy-to-use tools can be completed in about 20 minutes, and they give users expert advice on what to look for (watch a horse’s ears to check his mood), and simple ways to prevent accidents (look the lead …