5 Social Media Tips for Professional Development Conferences

  1. Be Positive-you’re attending this conference, you’ve paid money to get there. You ought to be diving in for the best of the best to bring home with you. Leave the constructive criticism to the post-conference survey. Only post and tweet about the new ideas, great resources and other positive aspects…besides, you never know who you’ll get to network with later on.
  2. Hashtag Please-the best way to interact with others at your conference via social media is to use the designated conference hashtag. Don’t make up your own…unless you want to tweet to an empty void and get nothing in return.
  3. Be “social”-don’t be afraid to reach out to presenters, speakers or other conference attendees via social media. Again, using the conference hashtag helps keep everyone on the same page. Use social media to network, network, network! Arrange a lunch meeting or a pre-dinner chat. These are often the moments at professional conferences that provide the most bang for your career buck later on.
  4. But not too “social”-is there such a thing? Yes. Don’t go overboard. Listen to the presenters, be in the moment. No need to document every single thing via the www.
  5. Feature Free Stuff-Who doesn’t love the free stuff via swag bag or conference vendors? No, not talking about the free shampoo and conditioner in your hotel room. Feature some of the swag from your favorite vendors and tag them in your post!

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