5 Reasons to Teach Your Next Extension Class by Webinar

1. Be Green

When you offer a Webinar, you don’t have to drive or fly to a particular location and neither do your students. This results in “Green” savings. This helpful article provides a formula for quantifying these savings–specifically with regards to the saved fuel and CO2 released into the atmosphere.

2. Save $$$

You could call this “green back” savings. Cost savings are realized from not driving or flying for both the teacher and participants. Additionally, you save on the cost of classroom rental, supply costs (i.e. paper handouts, workbooks, ect.), and the cost of refreshments such as coffee or snacks.

3. Reach Busy People

A webinar allows people with busy lives (and who doesn’t!) to participate by Webinar. They can be home with their families while participating by Webinar. Or perhaps they are riding the train or a bus and participating on their mobile device. If you record your Webinar and offer it on a website–people can participate at their convenience. Offering flexibility provides a way to reach busy people who may not otherwise be able to participate at a particular time.

4. Teach People who Live Far Away

I am an Extension agent in Alaska and my district in Interior Alaska is about the size of Texas. By using Webinars–I can reach not only my district–but Alaskans statewide. I would otherwise not be able to provide in depth courses (three months long) to my district. If you serve a geographically disperse population–Webinars can help you reach people in small, far away communities that you would otherwise not have the time or budget to reach.

5. Teach More People at Once

Not limited by classroom size–Webinars can reach more people. Although you want to maintain a size that is small enough to provide adequate interaction between the students and teacher–other than that–there is really no limit to the number of students who can participate at once.

Ready to teach a Webinar? Keep in mind these 3 keys to successfully distance-delivered Extension courses. Stay tuned for How to offer your first Extension class by webinar. Check out this example of a successful distance-delivered Extension course.


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