The EdTechLN will be transitioning from a formally eXtension-supported community to an informal, community-supported network. During this transition, the EdTechLN will be taking a strategic pause with our tweet-ups (after May 17th) and newsletter while we work out details for the future of this learning network.

Do you have suggestions for the EdTechLN transition to a community supported network? Would you like to volunteer to help with the transition? Please share your thoughts.

During this transition, please continue to use the #edtechln hashtag in Twitter. We can still continue to use it to signal useful edtech and innovation finds/experiences to the tribe.

A big thank-you to Emy for keeping the communication going through the newsletter, social media, and other venues, especially since January! Another big thank you to Jamie and Paul for creating this space for us!

Many thanks to you all for supporting and being a part of the EdTechLN!

Molly Immendorf
Impact Collaborative Design Manager
eXtension Foundation

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